Project 1

'This was the Handicap ramp I built for an elderly man when his wife broke her foot and had to be in a wheel chair. He called on a Friday and said he just wanted his wife at home so I built this on Saturday and he brought his wife home.'

Project 2

'This was the Handicap rails I built for a ex-marine to get into his house from garage. The old steps were about to fall and had no railing he had told me he had fell many of times and had to wait till his wife came and found him. Now he is getting in just fine and his wife love the fact he is safe getting in.'

Project 3

'This is a PVC fence I installed for a lady just moving down here to be able to let her dog out at night.'

Project 4

'This was a deck that we rebuilt and added a space for a grill and added set of for back yard.'

Project 5

'This is landscape lighting that we designed and installed'

Project 6

'These are LED lights that we installed which look like recess lighting - total cost is $50.00 per light and that includes light material and labor.'

'This is a new project that just started in February and will last 4 to 5 months in Roswell, GA. This is a 10 Unit 2 Story 1000 square foot per unit renovation. Floor leveling, framing, electrical, laminate flooring, lay in ceiling, LED lighting and more.'